What are the benefits of guest blogging?

The top SEO benefits of guest blogging
Guest posting is just as powerful now as it ever was. It is one of the best and most utilizing online marketing strategies you could invest your time in.
This contribution is not only good for instant exposure, stimulating shares, improving your backlinks and proving authority but so much more, and its worth every second you spend on it.
Although, guest blogging can be highly misused, and if not done correctly, can in fact be a complete waste of your time.
So below lets discuss a few benefits of guest blogging and the impact it can have on not only your website but your business too.

1. Building Relationships
We all know that building relationships with other business and even potential clients can be a very long and painstaking process, guest blogging is a great way to speed up this process.
If you intend to guest blog purely from a link building prospective (which I will talk more about later) then you’re more than likely only going to submit one post, building a relationship will always require more than this. You have to establish yourself as a knowledgeable and active profile and member of the community.
However, if your aim is to forge a long standing relationship, writing multiple posts and constantly helping others out is an awesome way to start. You should focus on interacting with the audience, answering questions, commenting on others posts and show them you just generally care about the community. Who knows where this will lead?

2. Grow your Social Media
These days most blogs let you connect your social media accounts, whether that be Facebook, Twitter or so on. Linking these is only another benefit for your business. Every article you post will have the option to go directly to your social media page or in most cases let readers share the article on the desired platform straight from the blog.
As mentioned at the top of this article, guest blogging also increases your authority of your brand. Having the option to see your social media and share your content is essentially getting a reader to vouch for your business. This will make you look good to anyone on this community as well as your social media followers.
Increased activity for these benefits make it easier for you to grow your social platform and transform yourself from a page no one knows about, to a reputable and trustworthy brand.

3. Grow your backlink profile
The real reason most people guest blog is to add another backlink to their site. Most blogs accept some sort of author or contributions box for you to insert a link back to your website and 99% of the time this is a DOFOLLOW link.
This may only be a single link but this can still greatly impact your SEO. A blog with a high DR is no doubt an excellent addition to your backlink profile, but unless you already have a highly distinguished brand presence I recommend sticking to the lower ranking blogs, as many higher ranked ones seem to turn away the “little guys”.
You can always try your luck, but from experience, it’s a lot easier to focus your time and effort on starting on smaller blogs you know will accept your article. After all, they still amount to great benefits.

4. Generate Leads
This benefit sort of ties into number two. Growing your business and establishing a place in the community not only pursues business relationships but can also be a place to generate quality leads.
Assuring your article is posted to a blog in your niche and already has a nice flow of traffic, showing people what you have to offer shouldn’t be all that difficult. Easier said that done though of course!

5. New opportunities?
As well as leads, social media, and business relationships, blogging can also open you up to a whole array of business opportunities.
For example, if you write a highly engaging and quality article a reader may be inspired to ask if you offer any article publishing services or maybe someone is just after advice? Either way, if you nurture these opportunities and relationships correctly you could be well on your way achieving success through attracting other businesses.

6. Getting feedback
If yourself, are a blogger, you will know the pain of overlooking your article several times, making sure every paragraph is perfect, checking the statistics are correct, and sharpening every corner.
I’m not so much talking about spellcheck or page layout but more the fact of how good your article is in general.
Having your article posting on a blog opens you up to the potential of overwhelming feedback from the community. No one will ever comment on your post telling you its awful and you know nothing, but you will almost indefinitely learn a thing or two.
When you talk about a specific subject or strategy an active community member will give you helpful insights or improvements, maybe even adding extra ideas to your content, this is a great tool to use for self-evaluation and will always give you an understanding of what the readers want.

When your guest blogging always make sure to find the right site. A higher ranked blog is always better for a backlink but will most likely be more difficult to obtain.
If your posting to increase your community engagement make sure to find a blog with a fair bit of traffic and active members.
It’s down to you to decide how you take advantage of guest blogging, but always remember, it MUST be in your niche.
As we have established guest blogging is an incredibly resourceful strategy and shouldn’t be over looked. There are a high number of benefits and as a blog grows its business, so will the value of your link. Think creatively, write your heart out, and put together the best article you have ever written!

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