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With well over half of Google users searching for queries on a mobile device it is incredibly important that your website works just as it is supposed to on both a desktop and mobile phone.

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The mobile revolution is here. Ensure your website is up to speed.

Mobile searches are becoming the norm, with the number of searches outnumbering that of a desktop, it is more important than ever to have a mobile SEO plan at hand.

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Our team has a passion for digital marketing. We are constantly learning and expanding our digital knowledge so we can produce the best results for you.

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Mobile-Friendly SEO Services

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an open source framework that is used to enhance the performance of mobile web pages for increased loading times and navigation. This is a must for any business regularly publishing content to avoid having your site slowed down.

When your designing a website you will also need to make sure it is will developed and optimized for mobile. With many users having various screen sizes and devices your site needs to be responsive to fit all resolutions and ensure elements are not missing from the screen.

Just like keyword research for any other piece of content on your website, we will also analyse search terms that are primarily focused on mobile users. This will help you rank for more location based searches and voice commands.

Just like keyword research for any other piece of content on your website, we will also analyse search terms that are primarily focused on mobile users. This will help you rank for more location based searches and voice commands.

Nearly 60% of searches conducted on Google are from a mobile device. That’s huge!

It’s never been more important to invest in mobile SEO services to keep your business from falling behind. It’s become more than just making sure your website is responsive, it’s about optimising your business to appear in organic results, being user-friendly, and ensuring Google has all the information it needs to determine how you should rank.

You will also need to hold your websites’ speed to a high standard. Securing those visitors on less powerful mobile devices; and remember, it’s not just our fingers that do the searching, most devices are equipped with Virtual Assistants, making data markup incredibly important.

With technology advancing, many more people are using voice commands on their mobile device. To have the potential to rank for these voice enabled queries technical SEO must be implemented and your content must be optimized for mobile experience.

Your mobile-friendly pages also need to be optimized with technical processes such as structured data, redirects and page speed. All of these are directly linked to increasing the potential of your mobile SEO.

Our mobile SEO services will kick off with an analysis of your existing site. We will perform an audit to decide what structure is best for your business and will have the biggest impact on your rankings. This includes AMP, structured data, and responsive designs.

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How does Mobile SEO work?

Mobile SEO is very similar to that of a normal strategy, it just requires a little extra optimization to that of a desktop site.

Firstly we be performing an audit of your current site to determine where your are in terms of development and design. Once we understand that we will begin working on a strategy and concluding the best course of action for your sites structure. This can include aspects of the process such as, structured data, accelerated mobile pages or URL structure. These all play a big part in ability to rank. Google hugely favours sites that are responsive to the users device, are fast to load, and have great user experience in general.

So naturally, ignoring these points can be detrimental to your ranking performance. There are more issues that we cover in our process, but these are simply some of the most important.

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Organic growth on every device

Now that we have our plan its time to pursue the course laid ahead. We will implement technical SEO to help your ability to rank for several factors, such as voice searches, mobile based queries, and local keywords.

Throughout the process we are increasing the trust and authority of your site by optimizing your mobile SEO and giving your users the best possible experience.

As with most digital marketing processes and SEO in general, it takes a while to pull this all off, unfortunately it’s not an overnight success and requires you to continue to optimize your mobile SEO and any new content that is published.

Once we have executed our strategy and applied various technical process, we will continue to focus on the most important and influential aspects moving forward. This is primarily site speed and will need to be carried out sitewide.

Beating The Competition

It’s simple! We love to get to know your business, so that we can really understand your goals.

Mobile First

As we have already established, more than half of Google users are on a mobile device, so by now you would thing most businesses have prepared for this statistic? Wrong! In fact, it’s very rare that any of our clients have even heard of it, or simply didn’t realise there was a difference between mobile and desktop.



This is a perfect opportunity for your business to capitalize on. Having mobile SEO when your competitors don’t will give you an incredible margin to work with, it’s something that Google will recognize and as a result increase your rankings.


Competitive Edge

Surprisingly, over 60% of businesses also have no plans to optimize for voice search, again, this is another opportunity your business can utilize to get that edge over your search engine competitors. I’m sure your aware how increasingly popular voice commands are becoming, with the rise of Google Home and Amazon Alexa. The more these technologies advance, the more voice search will become common usage.


Mobile SEO for E-Commerce

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Not every business sells services, some sell products, and others information, but with e-commerce sites in particular, mobile SEO is critical.

If you’re using advertising to sell your e-commerce products, such as Google Ads or Facebook, you will notice that the mass majority of your sales come from a user on a mobile device. This is why it can be detrimental to your site if it is not optimized for every device.

An e-commerce store often consists of a large number of pages, including a basket, checkout, and payment page. If these aren’t properly optimized you could miss out on a sale. For example, if your site is not responsive, your elements may not fit to the screen, and the buy button may not even be visible. You don’t need us to explain why this is a bad thing!

If your website has our mobile SEO services implemented you are also more likely to rank for your products and other content. The keyword optimization combined with technical SEO and accelerated pages will prove to be an unstoppable force. Your customers will love every second spent on your website, and the better the user experience, the higher chance you have of converting.

Mobile speed is also important here. If a visitor sees your advertisement and clicks through, they expect the product to load almost straight away, so if you have chunky code and an enormous amount of plugins, chances are that potential customer will click off your site and find the product else where. It may seem obsessive but in actual fact a study shown that a business could lose up to 87% of visitors for just a 2 second delay in load time! That’s crazy! I guess it shows just how impatient we really are.

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Our team has a passion for digital marketing. We are constantly learning and expanding our digital knowledge so we can produce the best results for you.

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